Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 had fade away here cums 2010..

Well its morning of the new year now.. MORNING evibodyy
last night totally bored to death as i celebrate my new year all alone in da house.. sigh*
ok nvrmind its morning noww..
as 2009 flew awy cums 2010..
i cant wait to have new lyfe ahead of me after tis..
i wanna breakawayy..
as cat so scared n jumble up feelings to go in to 2010 bt i 4 me..
i jus a relieve..
i can atlast leave all the hardship tat weight me down on 2009..
need a break yar.. so im leaving 2009 far far behind..
need to forget all the misrable n moved on for good..
hardy har har..
i gonna miss all the sweet times me wit my two best partner ever in my life
tat always be der 4 me, n share all my problem wit..
even we r very different in personality n we did hv big fight small fight n all..
but tat teach us understand each other better n make us closer (gluedd) sayang korangg!
 thnx cz understand me well.. u guys rockk.. keep in touch kk??
-Kathleen Micheal Fernandez (u especially gurll kindagarten till now frenship will never breakk!))
-Toriq Aziz b Salim
(i loves u both of you somu ch n miss u sgtt)) in my heart awyzzzz <3 4 eva n eva

tis i make especially 4 u guyss,

We are like weathers,
Its real had to predict,
Sometimes it a bright sunny day,
Sometimes its dark with cloud of grey,
Or there jus times when thunder come crashing down,
We go all the weathers within,
But i hope we can have the rainbow..
its come after the rain on sunny day,
Yet it beautiful and colours the day...

yg down here its 4 my semangat..

 I'lll spread my wings n i learn how to fly
 I'll do wat i takes till i touch the sky
 And i'll make a wish
 Take a chance
 Make a change
 And break away
 Out of the darkness
 And into the sun
 But i wont forget all the one that i love
 I'll take a risk
 Take a chance
 Make a change
 And breakAWAYY..