Sunday, 15 May 2011

:) its feels like home to me

today feel a bit better..
yesterday, i got to smile, laugh, smirk, cry and tears..
i've never feel so lively, since so long..
even there some incident that make my mood off and on alot, bt there was him there to make me feel better..
thnx u sweet pea :)..
yesterday, was fun at sidang redaksi hi-tea.. everything when well..
and most importantly, one of my long long lost forgetten dream, come true..
and suddenly my friends arimi approach me,

kimi: "nad, sedar x siapa duduk blakang kau?"
i was like: "who?"
kimi : "KHAI n ROSMA laa..
me : kau biar betul!! turn around and 0.0 (shock to death)

hahaha, tats wat happen, waaa i reallly love them. n hv no idea y, always dream to meet them.. n tat when it all happen.. alas, my dream come true. seriously as my busy life growing up, i totally forget abut my lil kids dream, and as seeing them yesterday its all come back to me..
okeyh for you guys information, i love KHAI n ROSMA couple eversince i standard 6..
i love them so much..
bt sorry i didnt snap any pic or anything, as they are having their lunch and im having my event it self..
and as i said i was having my on n off mood, hw cn i?
haha weird off me right? i used to collect all their pictures, be in his fan club, follow his news, remembered all his song in his album, and also buy magaZine jus because his wedding is in there! for me they are sweetest couple ever!
all my friends in high school knows im crazy about them :p

btw move on to next..
after the hi-tea..
me and zai, when to padang rekriasi near to my house to hang out.
we have our talk n jus sit there together was fun...
pity him as i clamp him wit me, because i dont want to go home so early,..
sorry sayang... hehe
 and after he send me home, my mom as always make me buy groceries with him..
hehehe.. sorry again yang..
but.. the truth is, i love buying groceries wit him! :)
it always so much smile and laughter : D
for short im happy when with him

thank you sayang :)
u make me feel like home at last.. <3 <3 <3

p/s: sorry n pic, i didnt bring my cable for my camera n also i dont have memory card reader.. so i post it later for u guys k.. peace out !

Saturday, 7 May 2011

:( nobody's home..

sometimes i wish i stuck in penang still and still studying without any semester break..
,maybe 1 week break more than enough for me and then continue with next semester..

you know why?
i dont really think theres a purpose for me coming back shah alam. :(
this time im really am tired trying to make everyone else happy.
im stuck, im totally stuck in the middle of everything happen.
with my mom, my friends feelings, with his feeling, till i did not have time to think about what i should really feel.
i just wish im still in penang right now, studying and fill all my time with my work and studies, so that i would not overwhlemed with all this..

im so tired, there no one here asked me, what do i want?
am i ok?.
or try to make me feel happy atleast.

truthfully, im quiete hurt with everyone around here..
and sitting at home doing nothing and with no one around to talk, make me feel more hurt..