Thursday, 16 February 2012

har-di- har- har

:D well,
at the end of it, nothing he hide from me..
hmm, at he did it, because of the "reason" he told me last night.
ya, yesterday night, i braced my self, and went to dinner with him, even after 1 hour plus waiting =='
ya i know, bt this time i know its not his fault though, cause his friend, want to 'pinjam' him for a while.
but its dragged to too long. luckily enough, i told my self to be patient.

So atlast, at 9.30 pm, he's at the door..
but my mood was way off..
I'm starving,  since nothing in my tummy since morning, except for a small caton ducthlady choclate milk.
of cause im hungry man!

then im in his car, but only
........................SILENCE ALL THE WAY.......................................
dont blame me okayh! cause im upset still..
and its continues for so long, the silence i mean..
After the toturing moment in his car, we finally arrived to the destination..
At first i dont understand where he's taking me, cause he took, a very different route then we ussually take. and its further than normal.
but i do not doubt him though, this is his town.

lastly, we reach the 'place' ive been wondering.
FINALLY. and i was like 'um ok' now i know why it take so long..
He bring me to eat seafood. OH I SEE.

I just follow him to our sit, and ordered the food, pick the fish and stuff.

Well actually, what he did is  regarding today..
He want to surprise me, as today is our ANNIVERSARY.
Hmm, after all the explaination and the 'oh' and 'ah' from me. FINALLY, I understand.
More or less ok, cause he shouldnt do what he did at 1st place. It totally get to me BAD!

i forgive him of cause. i already did from the first place, but i dont know why i just couldnt forget it.
but after the explaination and stuff, we were back to normal again.. :)
im glad, that i never stop loving him..

we have our ANNI celebration just perfect for me. :)
he even didnt forget the tradition he claim to be, which is eat cakes together every 15..
Ok, im happy.

here some sneek peak from last night :p

strawberry mashmallow chesse cake :)

crazinees <3

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Afternoon PEEPS!

Assalamualaikum n Hey there y'alls :)

Its my 4th day here in Terengganu..
well truth to be told, actually im very am sad today.. :'(

actually i should be ESTATIC today, cause its 15! but no, what happen yesterday reallymake me hurt..
im trying to forget and not let this things borther me this much..
cause, well im with him now, and its not easy to spend our time together like this, eventhough what we only do here is just study and assignment.
but seriously, to even see his face in Shah Alam is darn hard. i should forgive and forget. but then just why, my heart feeling so much hurtful..

i need sometime to be ok, bu im running out of TIMES. we dont have much time, cause in few days i'll be going home..

hmm, i really dont know how to react around him today.. I scared i hurt his feeling, he apologize i know..
But what happen tears me apart.
cause im so shock with what u did. until now, i dont expect to come from u, the very last person i do expect..

i just hope, i be ok , soon enough.. dear god, let me forget, :(

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

2nd post of the day.

well, sorry for being so active tonight. truth is, i cant sleep..
tee-hee :)
the reason, well, actually, demam da nak masuk 2 -3 days, and my tummy really giving me a rough day. aiyo, what to do..

hmm, in this post actually i want to tell u behind the scene of life, well, personal part of it, here and there.
eventhough my social life is a haywire as i told, but i do keep good companionship with twopeople that very closed and understand me.

well, first and foremost of cz my bestie and boyfriend.
miss kathleen fernandez, me and her, do hang out, when we are free.. but its so hard to get the free time together, i know, IMISSHERALOT, but i glad we have this understanding, that its doesnt count how long we didnt contact each other but, thought that count. well, that my side thinks,but im sure she does the same. but no matter what, if we really need someone to talk, we always find each other, maybe not on the spot, but, theres always a moment, when we will, spill all out for each other to listen. and it will, be ALONG CONVERSATION for us. But this new year starting out great for us, cause we get to go for SIMPLE PLAN CONCERT together man, its been all our teenage year finished waiting for them to come, and we get to do it together, and i am so really GLAD.. ILOVEUCAT!
 And im sorry that i couldnt be with u on your birthday, again im really sorry. but i hope u understand. ive been tied up on another occasion with another person you know, WHO. i know, only u will forgive me for this. and understand the reason i have to do this. well, i hope u will. and i promised, i will make up for our date later on okay?

The second person, who i will, crazily, find time to spend is my dear boyfriend.
MR ZAI ZEFFERY, of cause i will, always. but its never easy for us doh, as we always have problems comes in our way. But im so lucky, that we always try to understand. Even there sometime will be big understanding between us, and we would lost contact for few days maybe weeks, but at the end, we will talk it out. Well its not easy for me, to do that. but with him, i dont know why, i just let it be. i dont want to push him to much, cause i dont know, maybe he just to nice. and i know, he most time are like me in certain ways of thinking stuff. Its feel nice to have someone thinks study is important, and love is also important, the only thing we need is BALANCING. For now, the main event ive been waiting is to be with him again. To relax my body and mind for while before i working again whole day long. Ive been planning to go to visit him, and insyallah, on this 11th i will fly there. I just want to be with him on his birthday and make him happy. He been trying so hard studying. And i know the reason why, and i feel very guilty because of what happen. So the only thing i could do to feel less guilty, is be there for him, cause i knw, next week going to be very tough week, with assignment and test a row straight. Being there to support him, the least thing i could do, for his hardwork. Its not like we get to spend whole day together, just that, i'll be closed to you when u need me this time sayang, dont worry, i know u got stuff to do, i will bring my work as well, so if u are busy enough, i will occupied my self with my work too. We planned to spend as much time together actually, but then, it turns out it will be a very busy week for him. . So praying that everthing will turn out good as we need some sunshine after all those bad storm we have last few weeks also last few month. Well, our relationship, has been tested so many times with so many problems, i mean it not us, u know, it something we have to faced it if we want to be together. That is why we trying so hard to prove, that we being together is not wrong, and to do that takes lot of effort. and i know his trying his ass off working for our relationship, thats why, i just want to be there for him... hmm, im lucky my parents understand, and let me going there alone. I thanked them very much for this. and im glad they trust him and me, being matured, also thank god, HE let atleast my side to make it easier for us.

sayang, i cant wait to see u, i've done few things for u, hope u like it, cz my time is very limited, but, i do with all my love. so see u pretty soon my dear, <3

so for this two person, thanks a bunch cause atleast, u are the best people that ive ever known, and i can rely on, whole life, i prayed for us always together in thick and thin. LOVE U GUYS <3


hye peeps, well, its been awhile ive been missing in action..
ya i know.
well, its been a roller coaster ride for me, all this 4 MONTHS! BELIEVE ME.

okay first of all, actually i just finished doing my internship.
and during all those my absentnessss, i was all day long inside the kitchen working.
well, i dont know, maybe everyone else got time and all, to hang out and keep in touch like normal people does.
but for me, im really sorry my dear friends, i dont, cause for all u knew, my scedhule are really pack..
ive no idea why its me, but its a test from HIM, that ive always have to learn things the hard ways.

My days last this 4 MONTHS, start as early as 7 A.M working (not counting to wake up earlier to solat and siap2 to work) to 12PM everyday. plus minus, i worked almost 18 hours everyday, and the balance i only have 5-6 hour left for sleeping,

so guess what, of course my social life have been haywire, by the mess i need to go through.
so please dont blame me, for being missing..

apart of my inter, this last month, i been doing my partime job in fridays, until late night, and i very exhausted, that i have to 2 work in one day, without messing up different recipe and procedure.
well, to be truth, im really am freaking TIRED, i just wished life for me could be easier. but u know what, like i said, i learn hard way to get someting, and in this case money.

yes, most people say im crazy to do this, im aware of it. cause its not easy to do so, but hey guys, do u know life in university used up ALOT OF MONEY.  If i didnt start saving now, by starting next semester, i.ll be dying in penang, and maybe only have to fast everyday, huhu, its already so hard to study, and i really badly want to do well and maintain. So, here the only way,

Yup, i almost like half dead each day working till 1 AM in morning from fridays, but ALHAMDULILLAH, i gone through all this, IVE ACTUALLY DONE MY INTERNSHIP, FINISH, NO MORE!

its been a very hard time for me, cause of certain trainee, that for me, really unresponsible, and making me want to split their head off from their body cause of their behaviour effect everyone else that perform well, but i dont even want to thinks about them anymore, LANTAK KORANG LA, HIDUP KORANG, but my advice is, think about ur parent, and always remember, ALLAH IS FAIR, WHAT GOES AROUND WILL COMES BACK AROUND, the matter of early or late.

so peeps, please, change your attitude for god sake. macam mana la melayu ni nak maju. asyik orang kita je buat hal. CHANGES FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

that all for me, now, i will post another post tonight.