Thursday, 21 October 2010


yup that right.. fitness are actually fine. but the things with cruelty only hit me after i do sparing..
sparing is when you have to fight your opponent and to win you have to get highest mark, by kicking either, front kick, side kick, back kick and etc.
also punching is a must. and also if u get to make ur opponent fall u will get 3 marks, which is high marks..
and for sure u get big applause for it..

huh, that what about sparing.. i love fitness, when i can push my self, to the limit where i tought that i couldnt do, but actually i can make it.. jus need to make sure your mental is strong enough to reach the beyond that you think you cant.

this study week is for me, fitness week and relaxation week, i have no idea why i am so relax, and i cant get my butt and especially my mind to the study mode..
i have no freaking idea why. so i just go for training every morning, came back and eat, and then rest the whole day, and its repeating this whole week the same schedule..
i know i such in bad condition because not studying, but i don't know. i jus got the feeling that i can do the final..
maybe i really need a good rest after all.
but anyway nats u have to study okayh?
and stop making excuses, you are not genius.!

by the way here some picture of the cruelty because of sparing..
ME bruises everywhere now

this one hmm, my finger bone mislocate.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

post to TERENGGANU atlast

dear zai,
this is to boost UP ur semangat from pulau pinang.

it just a hand made card, not expensive of cause.
but i made it almost 3 hours, so you! better appriciate it okeyh.. hehe
and to post it to you take an hour an half, as so many obstacles came up, i tried eveything i can to make sure i managed to post it to u..
huhu.. i hope u received it a.s.a.p!
even its nt that AWESOME as the ready made one buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut..
thought that count right?
i hope he like it, :)
he such a angel to me, so i hope with this, i can atleast return his favour to me..

anyway good luck to me and him and anybody for this final exam!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

im so DEAD MEAT.

Next week are absulotely going to kill me..

SUNDAY : study, STUDY, study,assignment ASSIGNMENT,, evening STAMINA FITNESS

MONDAY : morning, HAFAZAN, evening RETAILING test evening : stamina fitness

TUESDAY : afternoon HOSPITALITY and TOURISM test, evening : stamina fitness, night FOOD HYGIENE test!

WEDNESDAY : morning food hygiene PRESENTATION,  evening test KESATRIA, night : stamina fitness

THURSDAY :  evening : stamina fitness,night EXPOSER FRANCE,

FRIDAY : evening SENSORY test, night KITCHEN PRACTICAL test (need to prepare appertizer, soup, main course) 


the result of This torture will be update, (if im managed to stilll be alive) haha..
till then toodles~~

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


i had enough from u.
u never hear me, but always keep lying around. LIE LIE!
As if u are the angel, u do  the things right, and im bad, im the devil, and im the stupid  one because cant understand u do it  for the good of us..
please, i dun see that nowhere!
And the stupidest thing i do, is to believe u, and to fall in love with u so deeply..!
one day, you will realised how u hurt me bad.
and one day u will be sorry until u cant even see my face and say sorry.
and when that day come ill makesure my heart is shield and fully protected from ur lie again!
i want to shout and let the world know that i hate u, bt deep inside i know i cant hate u for long.  i will stay away from u, AWAY, so that i will never fall for u again. all this while i try to protect my feelings for u.
but that bot going to happen anymore longer. I had ENOUGH.
after this let allah show me the way how i should really to feel about you.
im thankfull  to allah because opened my heart to read ur page yesterday, if not until now, im being cheat and lie.

 i am so sure, starting now, i, my self cant decide what are my feelings towards u!