Sunday, 30 January 2011

people that change me and meant alot to me :)

 Last few days is the days where i met lots of hardship and stress but suddenly something came up to my mind as i was sitting alone trying to ease my tense in the bus on the way home to shah alam yeterday..
That eventhough i might be alone in my class and sometime at home..
But i forget that i do have a few people that really meant alot and are always there/ were there for me each time i fall down or need help..
So i just want expressed to them how grateful i am to have them by my side..


Oh dear, i love her so much! we are friends since kindergarten. so im proud to say our friendship are more then a decade now :) its still strong till now even we so far apart. even if we lost contact for so long, but once we have the chance to talk again it wouldnt be akward. this is because we so comfortable and understand each other so much. we have been through a lot, and that what have made our bond so strong. i wish our dream for staying together one day will come true :)


We've meet and we know for only about a month in matriculation in perak @ KMPK.  I do miss them alot. for suha, she think me as her pulse (nadi) as she called me ' nadiku'. Its so sweet! And till now she still called me that.  and my lovely mirae is my friend that very very manja with me.. in matrix i do wash& iron their cloth, make for them breakfast, stay up with them every night and many more. For some people they think both of them are bullying me but for me i dont mind spoiling them with my love.. u know y? cause they never looked down to me, always there to take care of me when i am really sick and most important they never be hipocrit towards me.  they are truly my best mates that i really miss so badly right now!

4. TORIQ   5.AFIQ    6. ARIMI    7. ZAI  ( my 1 year older seniorss xD)


Hmm.. this person.. he is the only person i really love to see with songkok. Its really make me feel calm.. He knows that. This person is someone that really give impact in my life. He always will.. He knows too much about me. He understand my situation with my family. He knows well about my sickness. And his the one who i always seek when i need to cry.. But now if i really need to cry i will swallowed it down cause i no he will never be there ever for me again.. He changes me alot without he realising it..   .
I can share with other people my personal sometime but its not the same when with him. He really know how to wipe my tears away.But there things happen that now he gone in my life without i want it.  But things do happen,  thanks anyway Toriq Aziz b Salim, u meant so much to me.


Given name is Muhammad Afiq Firdaus. He actually is my emeny.. opps i mean enemy. I hate him so much when i in high school. But now he is already like my brother . He is the one who will advice me, help me and do care about me like, ALOT!. He hate to see anyone bullying me and he will always try his best to calm me down whenever im in stress.. thnx afiq, i glad we are friend now!


He's the annoying monkey! He loves to make me annoyed and at time i feel like want to stab him to death, well i dont ussually do that to people. haha. Just that arimi the one who know me well like kathy, teyn and toriq. he know me when i about to burst to tears, laugh or anger. He is loud, extremly open and who my mom trust the most.. Last time it was me, kathy, kimi, teyn and toriq always together spending our weekend or holiday. its all about us. huhu.. KIMI BILA NAK JUMPA NI, RINDU!


This particular person is the one who always take me out or to accompany me anywhere when im come back to shah alam, who always call me to cheer me up, and the nicest guys ever! He will never hurt me, or condemn me for who i am, and he accept me for ME, and for that im really thankful of knowing him and having him standing with me is a blessed! He always making me smile and always make jokes so im not sad or bored or anything, cause he always there to make me happy. i count on you!



She is my coconut!..  She is the coco and im the nuts. We are so crazy when we are together. Seriously i mean gila tahap gaban. We met during orientation time in UITM. Since then we become inseparable. All thing we do together. But now as we are in different class we only got to meet like once a month or only when accidentaly bump into each other. But in whichever condition we met, the atmosphere will change to MADLY INSANE! seriously there is one moment when she so excited i saw me jus come out from the lift, she strangled me and kiss me cause so happy.. (0.0)  i like WTH, so shock with her action but what to do as i said we are crazy. ;P SHE IS MY COCONUT  FOREVER.


Fae.. fae.. okengss.. Her accompaniment is truly the best! We can just call each other once in a blue moon and talk! She is a electrical student so it even harder for me to see her compare to tyah..
But when we spent time together.
It always be fun and awesome! We can always give and take, and coperate which each other. We always advice and be true with each other. That the best things of all, there are no boundaries between us to share antyhing, cause there is no lies in our way. SAYA SAYANG KAMOO!



She know me well, cause she like my sister. I know most of her secret as she also know about mine. We are each other secret keeper. And any of us feel like crying either she called me or i call her. Cause its feel save :)


My dear girlfreind she is! She is sweet, and she is my best friend  since secondary school standard 3 untill now. We still contacting sometimes and hang out with each other to ketchup what we been missed out. Comparing to the others from secondary friends only i and her still cntect and do bear with each other business. I always care about her till now. I just miss spending time with her. We only met each other like once a year sometimes.  SO DEAR, IM STILL DO REMEMBER YOU ALWAYS!


He's my dear shunshine. And with him i can be as crazy as i might be. Cause im the nutsiest person he ever met. And he the shunshine as i love his smile. i miss him, cause his back in germany now! Last time when he was a transfer student in our school, he and kathy are the only person who could stand my madness ;P
but now all we could do are message through facebook, but its feel like his beside me, cause when i write to him, it seems like i couldnot stop, it the same when i talking and become crazy when his around. he jus the same old A PONYFICATION AXEL! GONATS! AXELL, SAYA RINDU KAMOO AMAT. KEMBALI LA KE MALAYSIA!


 I know him when we are in silat tem as we went for the tournament together.  Thats when we start to know each other better. He from my view is a extremly kind and caring person towards everyone.
and for me He also is my SAVIOUR! Thank you, he is the one that pick me up from clasess at night. If he not there im think im dead meat! i dont know why,
 i just trust him, that y i told my mom, about him picking me up.. haha
 He also do advice me to stop stressing my self out and always ask me to take care of my health :)
 i always disturb him with my crazy message and pity him for that.

so dear nadiah syahirah bt md shah!.  
stop being misrable, be strong again. okeyh!
biaq pi orang nak cakap ape.
there long way to go.

a journey of a thousand miles do need a strong step for beginning.
 dont mess it up la sayang!
dear all my friends, please remind me about this, and to all mention above u r always in my mind and my heart,
 i appriciate you guys very much!n all ur kindness will remain in my heart forever and will never fade!

Friday, 28 January 2011


Subahannallah, dugaan mu sungguh berat untuk aku minggu ni ya allah ya tuhanku..
sungguh, tidak terdaya lagi tubuh ni nak menghadapi nya..
bukan aku nak mengeluh atau mempersoalkan ujian tuhan, cuma aku pun selemah-lemah manusia.
aku ingat settle satu hal, da tapi semakin banyak yang jatuh menghenyakkan diri ini untuk rasa sungguh tertekan..
Lepas hal kelmarin yang jadi, sunnguh aku masih sabar, orang bully aku tak mengerti ape masalh aku aku masih sabar, cuma hari ini biarlah aku mengeluh, biarlah aku menangis, sungguh aku penat..
hari ini memang aku tak dapat nak terima hinaan orang, cukup la kawan-kawan,
kamu ingat senang ke aku untuk dapat anugerah dekan tu?
ingat aku goyang kaki ke? kenapa korang asyik cakap aku macam-macam? ape yang aku buat kat korang.
kenapa korang nak malukan aku wahai kawan..
walau aku x de duit sekarang, satu sen pn aku x minta kat korang, masalah aku tak cerita pun.
ape lagi yang korang nak?

aku cuba selesaikan kerja aku, urusan aku yang mak aku suro.
sebab aku tau dia perlukan duit tu.
sungguh kalu sekarang keadaan mengizinkan aku da berhenti belajar da, tolong mak aku cari duit macam dulu.
tapi tanggungjawab aku terhadap pelajaran lebih penting buat masa ini.
tapi tadi sekali lagi dugaan tuhan berat melemah kan urat saraf kepala otak aku ni..
hmm. aku jumpa PA untuk surat tu, tpi dia suro aku taip sendiri cause dia x de masa, aku pun g la kelas, pinjam lat top member dengan muka tebal cause terdesak sangat, aku tau aku x rapat langsung dgn diorang tapi keadaan memaksa.
aku buat surat tu, da siap akhirnya, lega ckit.
tpi rupa nya kelegaan itu hanya semntara, sebab aku x sempat nk copy pun surat tu.
cause kwan aku semu sibuk nak ambl movie dri lat top tu, aku nk ambl document yg hany mgmbil bebrapa saat itu tak dlayan. last2 lat top tu mati sebab bateri abis..
perasaan aku, usaha aku nak tolong mak aku musnah macam tu je..
berat kepala aku saat tu, air mata da bergenang kat tubir mata, aku tak tau nak buat ape.
nak pinjam lat top lgi srg nk type surat tu blek, member aku srg ni nk transfer movie, ape la yg bole aku buat, terduduk aku kt kerusi kelas tu menahan tangisan. sungguh perasaan aku terdera ketika ni. aku penat sangat..
lepas tu aku pn kuar kelas nak blek, aku tggl 30 min je sebelum PA aku blek.
satu lagi dugaan, bus penuh, nk tunggu lgi 20-25 min bru ada bus..
kwn aku x bole nk ambl aku.  hmmmmm..
ape lagi yang bole aku bwat, keputusan aku yang terpaksa ambil, jalan kaki dari perda ke rumah ( jarak dia cm dri giant ke rumah aku) dengan panas tengahari tadi, tak sempat nk jamah ape2, masa yang sangat suntuk, aku terus berjalan.
sepanjang perjalanan aku, memang air mata aku x berhenti2 menitis, aku penat sangat masa tu, rasa macam nk menjerit je sebab terlalu tension.
tpi memang bnyk kali aku istighfar fikir ada lgi org lgi susah dri aku supaya aku x terlalu emotional.
hmm lps 20 min aku pn sampi rumah dgn keadaan berpeluh2.
trus msuk bilik buka lat top, type surat blek..
x smepat nak minum air ape2, trus gerak ke uitm dgn jalan kaki lagi..
sampai dpn pintu bilik PA aku pukul 12.35, ketuk nye ktuk,
rupanya PA aku da blek, tak tunggu aku ataupun angkat call aku, msg aku pn dia reply dari tdi.
rupanya sangkaan aku PA aku mesti da x de betul..
memang terduduk aku kt tangga belakang hotel tu.
kaki aku da mengigil2 menahan penat, badan aku yg berpeluh, kepala aku yang da migrain sangat ni, sungguh betapa kecil nyer rasa diriku sekarang.
usaha aku semua berkecai macam tu je..

aku x berdaya da saat tu. ape yang aku nak buat sekarang is balik and nangis puas2.
aku x dpt tolong mak aku, tu da ckup buat aku tension.
dgn x de duit kt tgn, hinaan yang orang asyik lempar kat aku,
aku da tak tahan sangat..
aku sangat kecewa dengan semua yang terjadi..

Thursday, 27 January 2011


well for all u knew i jus came back from jetty awhile ago..
that was crazy thing to do. yes it is!
cause jetty is far frm uitm n frm my house.
but then i just need to release the mountain of stress.
im so stress right now, thus i need air rush.
 ussually at home i will cycle my bicycle so fast that the cold air and the speed will calm me down.
i need the adrenaline rush to make me calm.
so just now, my friend asif pick me up from my class at 9.30 pm, and i follow him to jetty.
well, he drive the bike fast and its raining. its jus feel great!
i jus sit behind him and enjoy the EXTREMLY COLD AIR + the SPEED.
everytime the cold air brush my face and the speed of the motorbike hit my adrenaline rush, i feel so calm.
my heart ryhtm just fall back and i really enjoyed this feeling. if only possible i wish i can sleep all away the journey.
now my head feel a bit lightter..
it does work, now even i feel no mood to sleep, eat or talk to anyone, but atleast i do feel a bit calm.
thanks you my dear friend AHMAD HASIF B MAHAT @ Shinchan

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

updated for 2011..

assalamualaikum guys..
sorry for the long long long time taken to update this blog..
im kind off in mood too blog last few month, and also very busy.
okeyh, i finish my silat tournament ( well not winning anything, but i do gain so much experience)
then i started working in fridays again which was fun, because i miss FRIDAY's so much, and secondly i get to met my beloved BFF there, Kathleen Fernandez ( ily cat), and  also not forgetten i got to know the most awsome persons, which is my General Manager, MELWYN  @ bosbos, and most craziest person CHRIST crazychris @ cc, which is my kitchen manager. They are so nice and they can be my manager, my friend and also my brother.
oh how much i miss them now.......

okeyh lets move on now..
so as now im living in my rumah sewa, so i have to wake up supper earlier than ussual to go for my classes.
my housing area is very kampung like, its like bukit lanchong area near to my house. but more more kampung like here. so every morning i will hear the azan suboh, and the chicken, the birs and all other sounds of animal.. very2 different from my real life before. its also very cold early in the morning.. :) fresh air!
it is nice and different, well in shah alam i live in housing area that are city like
but now i have to adapt this style of living. im quiete surpirse of my self, that i can adapt the toilet, the room and all the hardship i have to go through here.
sometimes its also hard, as most of my friend rent flat, apartment, 3 story house and other better houses than me.. and they all got the transport, but for me, i need to walk or travel by bus..

BUT you know what, yesterday i got this some kind of strenght. from where?
let me tell you..
hmmmm, ok, im go for my food in science class, where in this subject i need to learn all about food, and their structure, component and so on, well most of it about biology and chemistry~! ya it sound hard.
but what makes is easy is, MR HIDAYAT.
yesterday, he  makes me gain my strenght back! THANKS MY DEAR LECTERUR!
So maybe i just knew him for a short 2 hours in class, but first impression is a good start isn it?
he makes me laugh and laugh and makes all my cheeks muscle works extra miles last night. hahahaha

well as ive been telling u he makes me realised i need to be strong,  no matter what!
all his talking motivated me alot, so from now on i need to smile and move on.. :)
also , as he remind me,
 i failed once, and i dont want to repeat it again. As now, i need to begin with a strong and determine step to go for thousand miles ahead. because i have my dream, and i have to protect it.!
here also the video clip he show me last night, so i hope who ever see this video will have the blow of spirit like i had.

 last word from me, dun forget to smile and pray.
till we meet again, assalamualaikum.