Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Because No One Really Cares.

I didnt ecpect everyone would celbrate with me or wished me.
I dont really care about it.
but when the people who are I am very closed too, and they are important in my life as I thought I were 'important' to them as well just ignore the existance of me. 
Well thats hurt me alot.

Ya even if I dont have any big party or fancy celebration but if even just one person come to my door with a piece of cake or even just come to give me a hug and wish me I would make me happy.
I just dont want to be alone, especially not yesterday. 
my family dont really care about my birthday. so if those few people who closed to me just keep throwing the fault on each of them what could I say more?
Ohh she didnt come?
He didnt do anyhting ke?
Laa kenapa kat rumah?

Okay all this question, really I dont have any the answers.
Because yes, people asking about others. why they didnt do anything, but then you are that person who are important to me too, but you putting the blame to someone else.

When I was in Penang, everyone says, I wish you were near so we can celebrate together, but when Im here, no one really cares.
yes, maybe I sound Childish and demanding.
but I just feel its my day, and never once anyone care, its either, Im too far, they are not free, or just no one give a damn.

So its really hurting me, truly indeed. I feel torn apart.
Because, the truth hurt.

No one care