Friday, 24 September 2010

update update..

1. i won 4th placed at ujian larian smlm, it about only 1.5 km. within (8-10 min i guess my time)

2. i did grammar test which is hard yesterday evening, and last night got quiz mengejut, n guess what it FRENCH for god sake. huh 0.0

3. ok today ill be having
-listening french test,
-managment test, (that will be damn hard, surely sure)
- kithcen class and kitchen test

puuuurghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, believe me, today i will be exhausted! n tomorrow when i plan on hang out and relax, i got ceramah in the morning, and its a 4 hour damn boring ceramah i have to attend. uh. and later at night i got raye feast "yg shokingly WAJIB, ya ya whatever, as if the activity here never wajib, evrytime it compulsary,!

oh gosh, what am i doing, nats!
u better stop now, u got test and yet u blog, oh nadiah syahirah.!
ok lets think OPTIMISTIC~

k guys till i shall blog again.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

cursing me!

DAMN! Nats.. what happen to you huh!
u waste all holiday doing stupid and meaningless things. sigh*
<i am not i just following the flow here so im not being dicth by my family over and over again>
stop giving stupid reason.
all this thought haunted me everyday,
i feeling guilty because of not touching my assignment and books, but still then i really dont have the time.
i admit i lazy but not purposely, RAYA make me tired and bored and my mood swings alot.
i really want to go back to penang to relax my self and to STUDY, i miss studying

im so upset with myself
but i really am freaking out, because next week tests coming up! how im supposed to survive when i did not study at all..
nats u r spoiling yourself to much.. wake up, WAKE UP!!
(smacking my head to make me come back to reality sounds a good idea)
sengal, that not going to work especially for me.! i need something much extravaganza than smacking my head. LIKE WHAT??!!

ok nats, breath, dear me please come back ASAP, because i need to finish all my assignment and study.
i hope after i reach penang this friday i still have time! *crossing finger*

OH NATS! please, you need to booster up nutsiest GAL, if not you are totally dead!

Saturday, 4 September 2010


im so so happy now..
my dearest friend, send me a percel frm german :)
he send like a lot of things and also a letter..
a letter (as i said), a duck (i named shunshine), lavender seed, candle, lavender soap (he said HALAL), and mostimportand, LAVENDER.
im so happy :) thnx dear..
i really shock cause he did send me all those stuff..
and most importantly, he send me lavender.!
yes he did send me lavender..
eventhough it wilted but it smell still good!..
im so extremly happy..!!!!!!!!!
arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. thank you Axel Schiller. :)
im so grateful to have a friend like you..
may god bless you always :)

it for ME:)

ducky >mr shunshine
candle and lavender seeds
letter frm him :)

lavender soap
all about me in france i write here later