Sunday, 24 April 2011


can i make it this sem?
hmm, like seriously, i have no FREAKING idea.

so here it goes, yesterday was my first test, and i did bad with my ctu (agama) essay.
its not that i didnt read, well i did study for my test, yes i did, i dont know what went wrong.
so now im upset with my self..

i really want to score again, and i want to score much better pointer for this sem, but can i make it?
i really dont know..
im kinda different this sem, its like my spirit went missing, it comes and goes like wind..
problems sometime just keep coming,
and i seems cant find a way to avoid it..

i need you now ---------> ZAI ZEFFERY B ZAINUDIN

well anyway, i do miss him,
but the important thing now is.............................

nats do your best!!
i need to get DL again, if not i will be totally made my mom feel i dissapointed her and.....
i will embrassed with him and myself!
i probably will avoid seeing you zai if i didnt get DL this sem, cause i do feel inferior,as you are the genius one..
so GONATS, pray for me guys..
i want to be able meeting him without feeling damn DOWN!


p/s: i got 3 paper left ( BEL, MARKETING, FOOD SCIENCE)

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