Saturday, 30 April 2011

last day of april!

well i m supposed to be studying now but then here i am updating my blog.
bad girl. bad girl am i..
tomorrow, im going to have my

MARKETING paper, which will be one of killer paper!

and on 2nd may im coming back to shah alam, but seriously, im not looking fowards at all to go back this semester break,
i just feel that i want to be here in penang.
it the same anyaway, in my house here alone , and at home there alone.
there no different at all..
there not really a purporsed there, so i dont know why.
and im so feelingless to go home.

but anyway, i hope i can do well. i have no idea whats wrong with me now..
i dont want to make other things disturbing my focus right now.
mood study datanglaa please,
tinggal nak baca je ni!
i really need to focus this last minute!

i will off now and try to read my notes. so guys pray for me tomrrow really need it :) tq.


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