Monday, 27 June 2011


Assalamualaikum guys and girls..
sorry for taking so long to update. i kinda need to gather my strenght and mood back type in this blog..

well i do have some little free time to update actually, just feeling quiete down and lonely since im back in penang..

normal weeekdays, i would feel it sometime but as class after class and my damn busy schedule, ussually its distracted me from it, and i just forget it after that. but every time weekend comes, and now as i dont have class every fridays, the loneliness just creep slowly and fill my heart and making me sad.

well the truth is, i do want to enjoy my self here like everyone else.
shopping, movies, hang out with friends, but then BOOM, the fact came,  i forget im all alone in penang.
so at last, i decide to just stuck in the house, or to be specific, sometime just in the room.
well, been few weeks, it does not bother me much, but this week out off sudden i just cant take it anymore..

i really miss my boy friend! ----------> KATHLEEN FERNANDEZ

and not to forget ,
i miss my stitchy so much! ------------> ZAI ZEFFERY

i miss both of u badly, :'(
only with both of u with me whole day long i feel perfectly fine and happy..
cant wait to go home this july and meet both of you!!..
ILOVEYOU!! <3 <3

but for now, just have to be strong for awhile until, both of you spoilt me in july again Ok?
 i have to start my revision if i dont want to left behind in my studies. i have to work extra hard, as this sem, all subject are mostly numbers, and my schedule to pack!
so i need to get up on my feet and find time to studies!! START STUDY NATS!


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