Friday, 3 January 2014


For the first time, I'll be having my Final as a Human Resources Management student. Truth to be told, I have never been this unprepared. During my Dip I was always ahead of the game, but right here and now, because a lot, I really mean A LOOOOTSSS of problem coming in, I took my time to stand back up on my feet again.  So much, I wish  could just scream it out right now.

Anyhow, with this much time left, I pray and pray I could still do it. Still manage it. I want to show them, no matter how much they break me apart, I'm better than they thought. I am not just a Hotel Faculty student who have nothing to bring it. Well guess what, BRING IT ON. Also I want to show to that special someone, I know maybe I not good enough for her or her family but I am trying my very best on my own feet. So don't judge me. I was trying and there you go again criticizing and hurt me inside out. I am really sorry if I really take anything at all from you. I just wished I could talk about what really happen, so maybe you can just stop judging, cause it hurt so bad. It bring me down sometime cause your words are harsh. I know your are a successful women, and I'm just trying to start living. But please, find out the truth first, I know maybe you don't care. But I do. I listened enough. And when you decided to put the blame on me, if something when wrong with him, it so unfair to me. (lets just stop here cause it starts to feel hurt again cause i just wished i could tell him everything happened right now). Maybe just maybe one day, if gods will, you will stop hating me.

So for now, Gambateh Nadiah, haters going to hate.
 I'll be having 6 Papers. Gosh 6 killer papers. And, even the exam schedule are pack, making it so hard  for me to breathe. Hope I can go through this ALIVE. : D

  1. Human Resources (5 Jan 2014, Sunday)
  2. International Business (6 Jan 2014, Monday)
  3. Financial Management (10 Jan 2014, Friday)
  4. Business Law (13 Jan 2014, Monday)
  5. Information in Business Technology (15 Jan 2014, Wednesday)
  6. Operation Management (16 Jan 2014,Thursday)

WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!! 


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