Tuesday, 5 October 2010


i had enough from u.
u never hear me, but always keep lying around. LIE LIE!
As if u are the angel, u do  the things right, and im bad, im the devil, and im the stupid  one because cant understand u do it  for the good of us..
please, i dun see that nowhere!
And the stupidest thing i do, is to believe u, and to fall in love with u so deeply..!
one day, you will realised how u hurt me bad.
and one day u will be sorry until u cant even see my face and say sorry.
and when that day come ill makesure my heart is shield and fully protected from ur lie again!
i want to shout and let the world know that i hate u, bt deep inside i know i cant hate u for long.  i will stay away from u, AWAY, so that i will never fall for u again. all this while i try to protect my feelings for u.
but that bot going to happen anymore longer. I had ENOUGH.
after this let allah show me the way how i should really to feel about you.
im thankfull  to allah because opened my heart to read ur page yesterday, if not until now, im being cheat and lie.

 i am so sure, starting now, i, my self cant decide what are my feelings towards u!

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