Friday, 24 September 2010

update update..

1. i won 4th placed at ujian larian smlm, it about only 1.5 km. within (8-10 min i guess my time)

2. i did grammar test which is hard yesterday evening, and last night got quiz mengejut, n guess what it FRENCH for god sake. huh 0.0

3. ok today ill be having
-listening french test,
-managment test, (that will be damn hard, surely sure)
- kithcen class and kitchen test

puuuurghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, believe me, today i will be exhausted! n tomorrow when i plan on hang out and relax, i got ceramah in the morning, and its a 4 hour damn boring ceramah i have to attend. uh. and later at night i got raye feast "yg shokingly WAJIB, ya ya whatever, as if the activity here never wajib, evrytime it compulsary,!

oh gosh, what am i doing, nats!
u better stop now, u got test and yet u blog, oh nadiah syahirah.!
ok lets think OPTIMISTIC~

k guys till i shall blog again.

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