Sunday, 17 July 2011

if only i knew..

if only i knew things are going to turn out this way,
i surely wont be home,
if only i knew i going to get dissapointed,'i wouldnt give so much hope,
if only i realised there already the sign im going to get upset,
i wouldnt have be so excited on the first place.

its my fault, i knew it was. i just shouldnt have expected much, i should trust my self, things always turn around the bad way for me.
i shouldnt get excited for the first place at all..

im really want to see HP badly, espcially the last one, n with someone i really comfortable, so i end my childhood movie that i love with a memorable experience.

but now, i knew things just not happening the way we've planned. i dont know the reason im home.
i really should be in penang and just study there alone. why am i home? theres no concrit reason!

its just the same, im alone there, and being here and all plan was cancelled, then it no point im here,
so much i have to do, and i brought it all here to do, if only i knew, i can just finish all my work there.

its useless to give even small  hope that i can feel a bit happy for a week here, all ruin.
im hurt so much, thank you..

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