Tuesday, 2 August 2011

things do works at last :) thank you allah..

hmm, as my previous post was so frustrating ( i know -.- puurrrggghh)
but at last, Allah makes it a little easier during the breaks..

Well, not all of my plan do went well, but atleast, most of it does..

the first day im back, after Zai pick me early morning at the bus station, (which is the first guy ever did that for me, thank you Sayang), i went out wit my dearest KATHLEEN FERNANDEZ which i miss her teribbly much! we went to her school, where there a carnival and had fun together which we both never had for so long  and we actually do henna together! >.< .
Although it was a really short time with her, but she make my day.. thank you vey much BOYFIE KU!

During last whole semester break, i should went for study with Zai at shah alam library, but unfortunately we didnt know that the library was actually already moved to somewhere else, which supposed to be in sek 13. ( see how long i didnt go back to Shah Alam)
we searched and searched for two days the libarary location, but it just a dissapointment because not even a glimspe of the sign board anywhere.

On the next day, which is Tuesday, after few hours trying to find a place to study we given up. :(
yes we did, and we have too, because we were exhausted, going round and round and round in the car without any direction with all the round a bouts that makes me dizzy..
And, lastly Zai decide to take me for breakfast at summit :) I managed to study a bit at the Old Town White Cofee while waiting for my food.
Next, we went around and around again, with no place to go, and at last we end up buying my stationery in Taipan, and have a walk together, which is fun as it been so long i have spend time with him..
Later at 2 pm, we wnet at pick his sister up in her school, and actually we should send her to Summit for her Bowling Practice, but then she cancle it because she lazy! hah, then Zai and I have to think again where we should spend our evening as her sister just cancel on that.
Last ly, we decide to wacthed movie which is MR POPPER PENGUIN in Summit!!!!.
I'm happy the whole day long :)

Well on wednesday we should go out and study and later buy some stuff, but he had to cancelled it due to some reason :(

This is the best part of my Holiday!. THURSDAY :)
on thursday, Zai and I went for HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!
YAY, atlast i got to watch  the last HARRY POTTER in cinema : D
Atlast, i got to spend proper DATE with him on this day, as
 1. we went for movie,
2. had our lunch at ICHIBAN RAMEN
3. hang out with his friend for awhile and get to know them
4. and jus being with him is AWESOME ^^

FRIDAY, is the last day im at home. Well, Zai wanted LASAGNE, so i cooked for him. And after Solat Jumaat, he pick me up to his house to study ACC with him and eat the lasagne together. FYI, im really damn sacred, because it is my first time im going to meet his parent! Well im comfortable with his sisters, but im really scared with his mom, cause from all i knew, she is really strict, but as he insist his mom going to be okay, im just go along with his planned, eventhough im so scared!!!!
So, atfirst, only his dad and sister at home, but when his mom finally home, that when i freaking out, (this is my first time i met any of my BF parent ok??)
i just went and salam his mom as ussual, but in my heart only god know how trembling i am.
and after a while i try to blend in with his family, well they are okey :) but as i told u before, his mom is pretty scary! huhu, not in a bad way la, jus scary in a way, you know, when her son bring a girl to study at home???
After hours there, and finally i get my account exercise balanced, i decided to go home, his mom do invite me to dinner there, but im sacred, and also still shy with them all..

to be truthfull actually i already ask Zai to treat me Cake or Ice cream for last time we together, so we both  quietly just went out together for the last time that night before our last goodbye.
(with excuse to his mom that sending me home :p)
and there i get my cake and als ice cream :D

its a really sad moment for me, as during this whole weeks he's there for me, most of the time im in need he always will try to make it happen.

thank you very much Zai Zeffery b Zainudin, :) you make my holiday so MEANINGFUL! merci <3

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