Tuesday, 7 February 2012


hye peeps, well, its been awhile ive been missing in action..
ya i know.
well, its been a roller coaster ride for me, all this 4 MONTHS! BELIEVE ME.

okay first of all, actually i just finished doing my internship.
and during all those my absentnessss, i was all day long inside the kitchen working.
well, i dont know, maybe everyone else got time and all, to hang out and keep in touch like normal people does.
but for me, im really sorry my dear friends, i dont, cause for all u knew, my scedhule are really pack..
ive no idea why its me, but its a test from HIM, that ive always have to learn things the hard ways.

My days last this 4 MONTHS, start as early as 7 A.M working (not counting to wake up earlier to solat and siap2 to work) to 12PM everyday. plus minus, i worked almost 18 hours everyday, and the balance i only have 5-6 hour left for sleeping,

so guess what, of course my social life have been haywire, by the mess i need to go through.
so please dont blame me, for being missing..

apart of my inter, this last month, i been doing my partime job in fridays, until late night, and i very exhausted, that i have to 2 work in one day, without messing up different recipe and procedure.
well, to be truth, im really am freaking TIRED, i just wished life for me could be easier. but u know what, like i said, i learn hard way to get someting, and in this case money.

yes, most people say im crazy to do this, im aware of it. cause its not easy to do so, but hey guys, do u know life in university used up ALOT OF MONEY.  If i didnt start saving now, by starting next semester, i.ll be dying in penang, and maybe only have to fast everyday, huhu, its already so hard to study, and i really badly want to do well and maintain. So, here the only way,

Yup, i almost like half dead each day working till 1 AM in morning from fridays, but ALHAMDULILLAH, i gone through all this, IVE ACTUALLY DONE MY INTERNSHIP, FINISH, NO MORE!

its been a very hard time for me, cause of certain trainee, that for me, really unresponsible, and making me want to split their head off from their body cause of their behaviour effect everyone else that perform well, but i dont even want to thinks about them anymore, LANTAK KORANG LA, HIDUP KORANG, but my advice is, think about ur parent, and always remember, ALLAH IS FAIR, WHAT GOES AROUND WILL COMES BACK AROUND, the matter of early or late.

so peeps, please, change your attitude for god sake. macam mana la melayu ni nak maju. asyik orang kita je buat hal. CHANGES FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

that all for me, now, i will post another post tonight.

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