Thursday, 16 February 2012

har-di- har- har

:D well,
at the end of it, nothing he hide from me..
hmm, at he did it, because of the "reason" he told me last night.
ya, yesterday night, i braced my self, and went to dinner with him, even after 1 hour plus waiting =='
ya i know, bt this time i know its not his fault though, cause his friend, want to 'pinjam' him for a while.
but its dragged to too long. luckily enough, i told my self to be patient.

So atlast, at 9.30 pm, he's at the door..
but my mood was way off..
I'm starving,  since nothing in my tummy since morning, except for a small caton ducthlady choclate milk.
of cause im hungry man!

then im in his car, but only
........................SILENCE ALL THE WAY.......................................
dont blame me okayh! cause im upset still..
and its continues for so long, the silence i mean..
After the toturing moment in his car, we finally arrived to the destination..
At first i dont understand where he's taking me, cause he took, a very different route then we ussually take. and its further than normal.
but i do not doubt him though, this is his town.

lastly, we reach the 'place' ive been wondering.
FINALLY. and i was like 'um ok' now i know why it take so long..
He bring me to eat seafood. OH I SEE.

I just follow him to our sit, and ordered the food, pick the fish and stuff.

Well actually, what he did is  regarding today..
He want to surprise me, as today is our ANNIVERSARY.
Hmm, after all the explaination and the 'oh' and 'ah' from me. FINALLY, I understand.
More or less ok, cause he shouldnt do what he did at 1st place. It totally get to me BAD!

i forgive him of cause. i already did from the first place, but i dont know why i just couldnt forget it.
but after the explaination and stuff, we were back to normal again.. :)
im glad, that i never stop loving him..

we have our ANNI celebration just perfect for me. :)
he even didnt forget the tradition he claim to be, which is eat cakes together every 15..
Ok, im happy.

here some sneek peak from last night :p

strawberry mashmallow chesse cake :)

crazinees <3

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