Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Afternoon PEEPS!

Assalamualaikum n Hey there y'alls :)

Its my 4th day here in Terengganu..
well truth to be told, actually im very am sad today.. :'(

actually i should be ESTATIC today, cause its 15! but no, what happen yesterday reallymake me hurt..
im trying to forget and not let this things borther me this much..
cause, well im with him now, and its not easy to spend our time together like this, eventhough what we only do here is just study and assignment.
but seriously, to even see his face in Shah Alam is darn hard. i should forgive and forget. but then just why, my heart feeling so much hurtful..

i need sometime to be ok, bu im running out of TIMES. we dont have much time, cause in few days i'll be going home..

hmm, i really dont know how to react around him today.. I scared i hurt his feeling, he apologize i know..
But what happen tears me apart.
cause im so shock with what u did. until now, i dont expect to come from u, the very last person i do expect..

i just hope, i be ok , soon enough.. dear god, let me forget, :(

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