Tuesday, 1 May 2012



One of my friend telling me too,
 ' just kering kan ur heart, and dont expect for anything, or you would be hurt'

Well, its not easy for me, after i had been mend my heart for years.
 And yet again now i have to do it again after for once i thought it going to be ok..

I really dont know what to do. It feel hard, indeed it does.

I feel like i just dont want to go through this again, cause, i aint strong no more.

Sometimes the thought of living alone always re-appear in my mind.
Either way i had always been independent,  money wise and decision making wise.
Rarely there is occasion where I discuss it with my parents. Its been always me being independent.

Hmm, i feel thorn. Cause it not easy to pretend im happy when i am not.

Again its hard, when you decide to be alone, and there is time when you know no matter what you will find for the one person who can make you feel okay again.

I need you dear, but i cant.
I miss you, but i cant.

And  I really tired of all the drama. I just need a normal life.

I am tired..

And The Hardest Thing........

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