Monday, 28 May 2012

if only things are like what it used to be.....

Everyday when im being alone especially at night, or at time like this, i meant when im just with my self alone i will missing u terribly.
I miss the time when i can just without fear, calling you or atleast message you.
I want to say that I miss you, I love you, Can i call you, I need You, like i used to without fear..
I miss when you just simply call me for just burning my time, and maybe company me when im feeling down and lonely at night. And im sure im going to miss you alot when im in Penang in two more weeks, where im going to be lonely and everyday alone by my self with totally differrent world to live.
Im, my self really are not ready to go Penang yet for now, with our condition. I just hope im strong enough to go through these there even if that mean, i have to be strong and go through whatever going to happen there without you. As early as the morning just started now, again the tears falling are because I MISS US very much Sayang, I really do..

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