Saturday, 18 August 2012

Happiness Lingers Around.

Hahahaha :D
Yup, today i just feel so HAPPY :)

Well, its been 2 month since I got to meet you, Sayang.
And atlast, I did. Besides, we had a very good time together after sooooooooooo LOOOOONG, right?

Today, I had my break-fasting, at my boyfriend favourite place, called RAKUZEN.
 Its been, last two years since we had this chance to break fast together, and to do this again? Seriously, of cause Im excited like a KID.
Whateva you called me tadi, Im fine with it la Sayang. Hahaha, cause im just extremly ESTATIC!
Its a new place for me though, cause usually, I'll eat somewhere else for Japanese food.
So its kinda a new experience, the ambience it not bad, its cool in a way, but I miss the enviroment in Grand Dorsett, Japanese Restaurant. Its had awesome ambience, and I do miss my Japanese Chef.

Anyway, we both had great fun and IM SO HAPPY.
Well, we've been so much through hard times lately, and Im just so happy when we can just put all those behind and still enjoying every moment we can spend with each other. BELIVE ME, its not even easy to see him. So, of cause I MISS HIM TERRIBLY!
Just to get spend time with him today is such a bless, Praise to Allah, cause gives us this chance.
Thanks, to you as well, cause tried you really best to make my wish come true. :)

Im so thankful, yet still feel guilty that he had to lie just to see me.
I hate that when he need to do this over and over again. I will just keep praying, until the day when we can just stop this hide and seek. I want our relationship to be bless, so I will wait until the day we can get the 'green light' okay.
Till then, we just had to stay strong like we always did.
And do wait for me, I'll try my real BEST to get a good pointer  or atleast maintain it this semester and for my upcoming semester which be my last. Its not easy though as this semester, is really I mean REALLY TOUGH. all the hardest subject they put in this semester, and yhe workloads, oh gosh,
IM EXHAUSTED. Nevertheless I will try okay,  and if Allah Willing, I will try to get the pointer your mom ask me too. Im not sure wether I can or I cant. But damn sure, I'll work my ass out.
So, if everything turn out good, as you wish I will be near to you, as you always wanted and so do I.
So, keep praying that my degree will be in UiTM Shah Alam.  Amin.

Assalamualaikum, peeps.

Me and You Against The World. <3 br="br">

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