Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Assalamualaikum. w.b.t

Salam Ramadhan even its kinda of late for me to wish to you guys.

Well Im back in Penang now, ==' sigh.
Its harder for me to go through each day here this semester. Much more harder than i expected.
Im still survivng though, just most of the time i feel like giving up.
Its just to dark and lonely here for me.
And so many test has been given to me by HIM.
Monetarily, Accident, Hurt, Stress, Sickness that never ends, harder subject to study this semester, and as well my relationship sometimes seems being hit by hard waves few times.

I almost giving up, and just want to give in and just drown with the waves cause Im so tired swimming. Its consumed my strength alot. But, I know I cant. I need to move on.

Hmm, so here I am, still standing strong. Im 20 now, just a couple days older, it didnt start well at all.
Im being bashed on my birthday by the persons who I loved and Adore soo much, so bad, till I cried ALOT that day. As I said earlier, its a bad start for me. I hope, it didnt turn out that way. I wish thing had been better, but I also know thing happened. And like you say Sayang, 'Things happened for a reason' I know. Its hurt and sting me alot, but I already forgive you, and I dont want to fight anymore. Im so exhausted for now. All I need a little bit of happiness, and loved just to move on my life over here. Not much I asked from you. Your words even, its not been forgotten 100% but I never had hold grudge to you and already forgive you from the start. I know part of it, there also my fault.

Besides all that happen, there my saviour, saving me from all this HELL. Thank You, to my dearest, BFF, KATHLEEN FERNANDEZ, to post your self to me, as my birthday present. Only your presence that day, make me sane enough to not do something out of my mind. Thanks for giving me the reason Im still stnading strong till now. I love you, and I love our Friendship so much. Its been, 15 YEARS of OUR FRIENDSHIP, and it still strong as ever. :")

Through all the thick and thin i have been through, theres this few persons that never give up on me, and always listen to all bullshit from me, cheer me up, and love me for WHO I AM. And for that, this shout out are for you!! THANK YOU GUYS, AND I LOVE YOU SOO MUCHHHH!!! <3 p="p">
1. Kathleen Fernandez
2. Zai Zeffery B Zainudin
3. Nasuha Suboh
4. Wardah Sakinah Bt Ridzwan
5. Muhammad Afiq

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