Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Almost at the end of my journey..

Assalamualaikum ..
It's been almost a week I'm back in Penang..
All d drama, backstabbing, being used over and over again sometime just drain the nice self of me here.
Sometime being nice is suck cause you feeling it hurting you deep inside a lot, but yet you feels it so wrong to hurt other feeling the way they did to you cause for you it's wrong that way..
It's jus making me tired somehow lately..
Well, I love living in Penang where I can just live on my own and stuff but the emptiness, just creeping slowly and get to me at the end of the days.
I miss a true companion.
Who will always be there for me, who are true to me no matter what.
I learned a lot here the meaning of life and friendship
And there's only a few that I know I can count my life onto them cause they are true to me in every way there is..
I love them, and even though they always far from me, they always give me strength even when I thought of them.
They been guiding me through the darkest and the loneliness that haunt me all along.
They are, a friend, a family, and everything I could ever ask.
Thanks guys, this shout out goes to, Kathleen Fernandez,  Zai Zeffery, Nasuha Suboh, Marcus Philip Paul, Muhammad Afiq, Wardah Sakinah, Atiyah Najihah, Sharifah Najwa.
You guys are just the best, love you guys a lot and thank you cz always be there for me and be my sunshine that just light up my small world..

Tomorrow, in going to have my last final exam.. Which is my practical test basically.
I've done my theory and send my report. Well it's going to be my last straw. 
I hope I gonna do my best, I will try my best.
Keep praying,praying,praying!


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