Saturday, 16 March 2013


Assalamualaikum W.B.T

Happy Saturday's!
I bet you guys going to have an awesome weekend right.
I am soooooo jealous right now, cause Im going to have the busiest weekend ever..
not that I never have a busy weekend, but this time I really feel that time envy me alot.
I running out of time this whole week, trying to catching it up is very exhausted.

On Tuesday I had an interview for my new job as an Assistant in Admin and Account Department, in Atlanta Resources Sdn Bhd. Its and construction, engineering and interior design firm.
I actually a bit reluctant at first to go, cause I am not sure am I capable enough to carry such a position.
This is because, I am basically a Culinary Art student graduate, (after nex week my final yes, Im done with my diploma) and to have an interview that is not at all based on my academic qualification is terrifying.
Yes indeed, I did have some experience on working on tender and paper works but that is it.
Nothing more than that. But my mom insist me to try. So yeah, I did go to the interview and I was very unprepared. I really forget everything, I just grab the resume I had in my file and all my certificates in the morning of the interview day. I should have been at least been prepared just a bit. But I did not.
Then there we go, all the butterflies in the stomach feeling and nervousness.


Alhamdullilah, the interview went quite fine. My boss name was Mr. Mosum, he is a mixed of sri lanka and arab. He was nice, and he want to give me the chance to work there. He said I look confident (when the fact is i was really faking it) and he willing to give me the shot even I am actually from a different field.
I think he believe I can do it when I know what he was saying when he ask me about tender and account and things regarding paper works. Well i do not know much, but I surely did a few so I roughly had the idea though. Well, my semester break never really fill in with holidays and enjoyment, it has been always work to get my pocket money and for my education. It is not easy being an Independent child but sometime it worth it cause when time like this, experience it all I need. I did come clean to him, that I wouldn't know everything, but if there a chance to learn, I will learn it. That who I am, if there a room of improvement Im willing to learned.

Okayh, let get to why I am exhausted. This is because the next day it self, Mr. Mosum ask me to come to work for 3 days. (Wednesday to Friday). I was a bit shock cause for the record, my schedule for this week is very pack but then he wanted my help for this tender that need to be submitted on Friday and also he want to see how well I can work. So there it goes, my schedule become really TIGHT!!!

I worked from 8 a.m to 11 pm for the straight 3 days, and my works involved a lot of thinking and stress. I had to start typing letters for bidding, letters of acceptance (it reminds me of LAW so much), and photostatting tender, calculating and fill in the tenders. And the worst part is, in between of all the works, I have to do my report. My brain was really EXHAUSTED. I didnt even have time to eat those 3 days.
For today, I did have my time, but then I have to do my report again. SIGH..

Worst come to worst, is  tomorrow I had to go TGI Fridays to work.. :( cause my name is in the schedule.
this making me feeling so sick. cause im just to exhausted. I feel like Im working my self way to much.. I really need a break though..

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