Sunday, 10 March 2013

its been a rough one..

Hey guys..
I've been avoiding blogging  for months now..
First, maybe its because of my internship, or maybe im just not ready to share evrything here yet..
well now Im back..

Its been rough month ending of 2012 and also a bad start early of 2013..
Well with my internship,it  is harsh sometime cause its so busy and i barely has time to rest or eat, and my health is way out of care.
Well, I just want to finish my diploma for now and forget everything what hurts and how hard the journey was and how much I learned through out years in Penang about life and Friendship. Just people who really close to me might understand the meaning i meant here..
For now I just have to finish my report (which i didnt even started yet, even how hard i tried).
I need to give all I can cause I know this is the last push for me before end of my diploma.
My last effort which will determine I succeed or not.

And then come emotional breakdown which I am having for 2 months now..
Im barely hanging on right now..
Family matters, Relationship..
Sometimes it just drive me mad.. Im not complaining though..
I just wish things going to get better again..
First of all its not us to keep our distance so long like this, its just not us. I've missed you, alot.
Maybe it nothing to other bare eyes, but they don't know how hard it been on us recently..
Its so hard to pretend anymore..
I just pray things gonna get better again, cause I'm tired to handle everything right now.
I need you sometimes..

Hmm, well I really need to start on my report next week..
I know I can do it if I really put my heart and mind to it..
I just need a boost to do it now.. I cant do it at home cause all the drama making me mad, but i just need to find a way and place to get things started..
I hope I can.. Well I must!

I remember your word dear, you said you want to see your girl wearing the same pink selendang on my convocation like you did.. I'm trying.. You know all this while I study hard, and you too study hard at the same time..
We are nerds in the way we are, so I always try my best to get ANC.
So my parents, and you will be proud with me..
and i wouldn't be so embarrassed to stand side by side with you, cause I know I made it as you did.

miss this moment when can just smile and loved.

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