Friday, 9 November 2012



Today my result came out, and truth to be told, until last night, i have no freaking idea about this.
And after I found out, i was terrified. I was so scared until it just bother me ALOT. cause I have never been so clueless about result matter, and this is the first time, Im so careless, because there are so much thins going on and on!

and after i've checked my result today, there is only one word,

Im feeling so grateful today :)
Ive got what I targeted atlast for this past two years. Ive been promising my self to reward my self a  watch if I get this ponter. (I only buy my wish list for my self as a reward if I achieved my targets, if not until then it will be only a dream) And finally I did! YEAY, for me :D Nothing, gives more satisfaction if you reward yourself after how hard you work for it. and thats how i roll!!
Also, he told me, in the earlier semester that his mom, ask if I can improved my pointer to this, and yes Ive tried so hard, and I did. I just relieved i can fulfill this one as well as a bonus for me..
And, i wont be avoiding you for weeks, to feel afraid and embarassed with my result with you sayang. :)
Thank you, ALLAH .

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