Wednesday, 15 September 2010

cursing me!

DAMN! Nats.. what happen to you huh!
u waste all holiday doing stupid and meaningless things. sigh*
<i am not i just following the flow here so im not being dicth by my family over and over again>
stop giving stupid reason.
all this thought haunted me everyday,
i feeling guilty because of not touching my assignment and books, but still then i really dont have the time.
i admit i lazy but not purposely, RAYA make me tired and bored and my mood swings alot.
i really want to go back to penang to relax my self and to STUDY, i miss studying

im so upset with myself
but i really am freaking out, because next week tests coming up! how im supposed to survive when i did not study at all..
nats u r spoiling yourself to much.. wake up, WAKE UP!!
(smacking my head to make me come back to reality sounds a good idea)
sengal, that not going to work especially for me.! i need something much extravaganza than smacking my head. LIKE WHAT??!!

ok nats, breath, dear me please come back ASAP, because i need to finish all my assignment and study.
i hope after i reach penang this friday i still have time! *crossing finger*

OH NATS! please, you need to booster up nutsiest GAL, if not you are totally dead!

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