Tuesday, 4 January 2011

updated for 2011..

assalamualaikum guys..
sorry for the long long long time taken to update this blog..
im kind off in mood too blog last few month, and also very busy.
okeyh, i finish my silat tournament ( well not winning anything, but i do gain so much experience)
then i started working in fridays again which was fun, because i miss FRIDAY's so much, and secondly i get to met my beloved BFF there, Kathleen Fernandez ( ily cat), and  also not forgetten i got to know the most awsome persons, which is my General Manager, MELWYN  @ bosbos, and most craziest person CHRIST crazychris @ cc, which is my kitchen manager. They are so nice and they can be my manager, my friend and also my brother.
oh how much i miss them now.......

okeyh lets move on now..
so as now im living in my rumah sewa, so i have to wake up supper earlier than ussual to go for my classes.
my housing area is very kampung like, its like bukit lanchong area near to my house. but more more kampung like here. so every morning i will hear the azan suboh, and the chicken, the birs and all other sounds of animal.. very2 different from my real life before. its also very cold early in the morning.. :) fresh air!
it is nice and different, well in shah alam i live in housing area that are city like
but now i have to adapt this style of living. im quiete surpirse of my self, that i can adapt the toilet, the room and all the hardship i have to go through here.
sometimes its also hard, as most of my friend rent flat, apartment, 3 story house and other better houses than me.. and they all got the transport, but for me, i need to walk or travel by bus..

BUT you know what, yesterday i got this some kind of strenght. from where?
let me tell you..
hmmmm, ok, im go for my food in science class, where in this subject i need to learn all about food, and their structure, component and so on, well most of it about biology and chemistry~! ya it sound hard.
but what makes is easy is, MR HIDAYAT.
yesterday, he  makes me gain my strenght back! THANKS MY DEAR LECTERUR!
So maybe i just knew him for a short 2 hours in class, but first impression is a good start isn it?
he makes me laugh and laugh and makes all my cheeks muscle works extra miles last night. hahahaha

well as ive been telling u he makes me realised i need to be strong,  no matter what!
all his talking motivated me alot, so from now on i need to smile and move on.. :)
also , as he remind me,
 i failed once, and i dont want to repeat it again. As now, i need to begin with a strong and determine step to go for thousand miles ahead. because i have my dream, and i have to protect it.!
here also the video clip he show me last night, so i hope who ever see this video will have the blow of spirit like i had.

 last word from me, dun forget to smile and pray.
till we meet again, assalamualaikum.

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