Thursday, 27 January 2011


well for all u knew i jus came back from jetty awhile ago..
that was crazy thing to do. yes it is!
cause jetty is far frm uitm n frm my house.
but then i just need to release the mountain of stress.
im so stress right now, thus i need air rush.
 ussually at home i will cycle my bicycle so fast that the cold air and the speed will calm me down.
i need the adrenaline rush to make me calm.
so just now, my friend asif pick me up from my class at 9.30 pm, and i follow him to jetty.
well, he drive the bike fast and its raining. its jus feel great!
i jus sit behind him and enjoy the EXTREMLY COLD AIR + the SPEED.
everytime the cold air brush my face and the speed of the motorbike hit my adrenaline rush, i feel so calm.
my heart ryhtm just fall back and i really enjoyed this feeling. if only possible i wish i can sleep all away the journey.
now my head feel a bit lightter..
it does work, now even i feel no mood to sleep, eat or talk to anyone, but atleast i do feel a bit calm.
thanks you my dear friend AHMAD HASIF B MAHAT @ Shinchan

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