Sunday, 9 October 2011

you, cepat la balek :(

3 days and im getting crazy here..
but i'll be here for 6 month..
tomorrow its self is my orientation day start..

oh yeah forget, i'll be doing my internship in GRAND DORSETT SUBANG JAYA,

it is situated just behind SJMC.. well come on and visit me if you free okeyh..
i will start tomorrow, and if not mistaken might finished in MAC..

but this post is meant for YOU..
yes YOU!!
i really mean you.. :(
come homeee laaaaaaa.. Sape nak teman i ni..
i know you coming home today.. but bila je we got to meet up right.. hmm..
esok it self i da start practical you know?
anyway, both of us need to find a way tau..
you be here only for a month, as for me i'll stuck here for MONTHSSS..
so i hope we will try our best to spend time, although we know it going to get very very hard this time..

anyway sayang,
YOU finished your final already, MERDEKA to you..
well, i know without doubts you result going to be great as ussual..
as for mine, is still unsure and cloudy..
i hope that i did my very best you know, so i can stand beside you without shamed or embarassement...
i know you dont really mind, i know how you are.
but its just matter a lot for me, cause i want both of us to be successfull okeyh..
cause we are so different from others tau! WE IN IT TOGETHER RIGHT! :)

So now, im waiting for you homecoming now, and i cant wait to meet you again eventhough not really sure when. but i'll wait <3

p/s: thanks for the wonderful moments in terengganu, and for teaching me account <3

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