Sunday, 30 September 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hiya guys,
Im gonna start having my final tomorrow!

yea, I mean it
Im having for papers this semester.
4 BLOODY paper that going to make a crack on my head.
this is my final struggle as this is the last final academic semester I'll have before i graduated next year.
Well, im going to have another semester, but that last semester will only cost me ENERGY and 100%SANITY level so I'll be still me after i finish my internship practical.

But, what all counts is starting tomorrow.
I will have to try my best, no matter what, for all my papers this semester.
Im terrified to death this time, cause all this while Im well prepared, but this time Im a little unprepared cause of so many final prject and other workloads that making me careless and lack motivation to study like I used to.
Still, I hope whatever effort I have made this few weeks will grant my wish come true.
I just badly want to maintain my Pointer, thats all Ive been praying for, nothing more than that.
So. that I can achive what I come here for and also
Im hoping to get my ANC, so i can gratefully stand by 'you' without ashamed, and proved as well, love doesnt actually brings US down.
Hmm, its even harder to maintain when the Final papers Im going to sit this upcoming weeks is not the littlest I can even say EASY PEASY.
Even so, I'll promised to my self, I try my really best to get through this one..
Please, pray for me..........
And, do wish me luck....

My final paper time table :

Fundamental of Entrepreneurship -
1 October 2012, Monday (1415 - 1615)

Principles of Economics - 
7 October 2012 , Sunday (0900 - 1200)

Legal Food Aspect in Food Service -
12 October 2012, Friday (1445 - 1745)

Catering System Management -
16 October 2012, Tuesday ( 0900 - 1200)

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