Friday, 9 November 2012

Short breaks with lots of Love

Im had my 9 days short semester break last weeks, and having some special moment to be remembered..
Its been quiete sometime we didnt have a proper weekends and dates as a couple.
Well its our TWO YEARS ANNI, and of course we wanted to make it special.
So, its been a worderful short beautiful escape for US.
Thanks Sayang, how can i thanked you more ...

and after all that fun we had, he's back to his schedule. And sadly, this month will be the busiest moment he will ever had. I going to miss you, ALOT :'(
Text, calls, chats? sadly, we not going to have that for now, cause his that kind of guys, when he comitted to something in this case, studying, nothing gets in his way, okeyh. He just my nerdy boyfriend, Zai Zeffery it is.

So, i'll have to start counting the days again then, until I hear from him and to be together again..

T.T actually, its soooOOOOOO HARD. But then, 
Absence makes Heart grow Fonder.

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